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London Trip!!

16 Apr

Sorry for the delay of the photos from London and Amsterdam!

The trip to London was great as usual!! First way to much shopping at Oxford Street, and the can’t miss it stop at Regent Street’s Hamley’s, the most amazing toystore I have ever seen!!

About the photos:

English Breakfast… It tastes as good as it looks.. way to many calories, but who is counting?
Swan… I was actually shooting the building behind the swan, but that was not half as beautiful as i thought the swan was..
Moon.. well it was the night of the fullest moon, or the closest to earth or something like that.. i tried and tried, all i got was 4 moons.. still looks pretty cool unedited right from my camera!
Museum… Loved it!! Such a gorgeous museum, they had some lovely statues exposition going on, really awesome.
Dog… getting really comfy on my daughter her bed:)
Amsterdam Bus…Think that is the coolest looking bus around!!


Still trying to get used to this blogging stuff, but hopefully i get the habit soon!