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Busy Crazy Week!

21 Jul

First off my appologies for all the twitter posts on here.. I forgot to disconnect!!

I hope you enjoyed my posts from the fashionweek? Its been such a busy week, and unfortunately havent beeen able yet to post more photos on my blog, but I will do that this week. For now you can find all about Amsterdam Fashion Week on Myfashionlifestyle.com.

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Hunkemöller for #AIFW

16 Jul

Expectations were high.. energy was low after a long day and looong waiting… but then they started… Boom!!

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Sage&Ivy for Amsterdam Fashion Week #AIFW

16 Jul

The show of Sage&Ivy was done on the water in the Westerpark. They layed out a catwalk in the water and had the beautiful fairy like models walking there.

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Amsterdam Fashion Week day 1

14 Jul

Fashion Week has started!

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Pink Press goes Pink!

11 Jul

Vandaag de nieuwe Nokia N8 opgehaald om daar de Amsterdam Fashion Week mee te verslaan op Twitter! Dus fotos door de N8 en de AIFW blogs voor Pink Press en My Fashion Lifestyle worden nu ook gedeeld met Nokia. Hij is super cool en HOT PINK!!! Perfect voor Pink Press dachten zij:) Ik ook!!