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Miskoop!!! By guestblogger DMNQ

30 Sep

Heb je het ooit gehad je bent zo blij met die mooie nieuwe jeans die je net gekocht hebt…

Je showt ermee en hij zit zo mooi, maar dan na het wassen valt het je op dat je ene pijp wat schreef zit. Je denkt nog, hey mijn pijp zit gedraaid? Je draait hem de andere kant op, maar ondanks dat blijft het je storen.

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Nokia&Fernandes as props

10 Sep

Top Model of Colour
Sometimes at portfolio shoots we try to see where the models their strengths are. Are they commercial or are they high fashion. Will they do better at lingerie, or better with haute couture. So we dress them in all kinds of different outfits, and also use some props sometimes.

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A journey cancelled

7 Sep

For months I have been looking forward to today.. careful planning of things to do, to arrange and cancel. As today would be my big trip to Curacao! For 4 months staying with my best friends, doing what I love most, and the little one was very excited to go to school in Curacao.
The past months we packed a suitcase already full of little things we could use there, got the special mosquito cream since last time my little girl was eaten alive.. Some extra summer clothes were bought, and schoolteachers got in touch with each other. I broadened my network in Curacao, and was looking very much forward meeting everyone or seeing some again. Started a blog to tell everyone about my preparations coming to Curacao, and even got accepted to write for a big travel magazine about living abroad, children and poverty. So all very exciting!!

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Men in uniform

9 Aug

What is our attraction to people in uniform??
As a kid they frightened me so much.. as they were doctors, meaning they were going to hurt me, or police that would arrest me because I didn’t tidy my room… later on I started to understand that not everyone in a uniform was out to hurt me. The one fascination I always had was with the military uniform. Someone in a suit like that protects our country, is very strong and goes first when there is danger.

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A broken heart and social media

3 Aug

broken heartI love social media, I really do! But days like this.. I wonder how social it really is.. Or if people are taking it to far, or did it actually replace some real interaction?

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The Alphabet Club

24 Jul

Via Twitter I received an invitation to come to the ABC night at the Jimmy Woo Friday the 22nd of July. It was the 5 year birthday party, and a great chance to meet some of the awesome people I have been tweeting with for a while now

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Busy Crazy Week!

21 Jul

First off my appologies for all the twitter posts on here.. I forgot to disconnect!!

I hope you enjoyed my posts from the fashionweek? Its been such a busy week, and unfortunately havent beeen able yet to post more photos on my blog, but I will do that this week. For now you can find all about Amsterdam Fashion Week on

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