Fashion & Ebay

5 Sep

When you love Fashion as much as I do, your obligatory stop is Ebay. Vintage and brand new, and stuff people call vintage but are just old rags.

The trick is to spend hours behind your screen and look worldwide. So log in to other countries like .hk, .com,, .de … and you can have some amazing finds.

Pay attention to fake and real items, although there are some really good copy cats from China. As a real fashionista I prefer to have real anytime over fake, but then on a single mother budget, the smaller items sometimes are able to convince me. They are usually quite easy to spot though, start bid for Ray Ban sunglasses or an Ed Hardy bikini at 0,99 you can be pretty sure they are from China and not original. That doesn’t mean that they don’t look very convincingly real.
With Hello Kitty being so trendy at the moment, you can find anything you like. Bags, underwear, clothes, bikes, watches, lollypops, TV, wallpaper, smoking paper even contact lenses… just check the Japanese Ebay. And all for prices that have absolutely nothing to do with the ones in the shop.
But obviously our favorites like PRADA, Gucci, Jimmy Choo… They are there to. They give you the real high. Not always do people know what they have at home, so sometimes the bidding start amazingly low, $20 for some barely worn Prada Shoes?? In 20 minutes it’s up to $200 with bad luck.. but what if the bidding almost ends, and it’s just you bidding against the other only person awake at the moment. Oh the rush when you win! At sometimes higher then shop price though… so pay attention and don’t get carried away. Hard though, as the real fashionable girls sell their items after 2 times wearing, so you can imagine some items are from collections not even in the store yet.

If you want to dress in style, but a bit cheaper, Ebay is the way forward.
Just think about the collector’s items, or whole collections that are only for sale in a specific country. You can be sure to find it on Ebay. You just need to browse a bit longer



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