Men in uniform

9 Aug

What is our attraction to people in uniform??
As a kid they frightened me so much.. as they were doctors, meaning they were going to hurt me, or police that would arrest me because I didn’t tidy my room… later on I started to understand that not everyone in a uniform was out to hurt me. The one fascination I always had was with the military uniform. Someone in a suit like that protects our country, is very strong and goes first when there is danger.





When I was about 17 years old my fascination with everything from the military and the marines became stronger. Mainly because I wanted to travel and wear a cool suit. Since the navy suits are way cooler, and I loved flying, I applied to be a pilot for the Marines.. They make you do lots of tests, and I passed a few of them, but unfortunately my eye sight caused that I wasn’t allowed to be a jet pilot. I didnt like just being on boats, so I left the selection, but fascination stayed.
Lucky I am not the only one, the most requested outfits for bachelor parties are nurses and police women, or for women firemen and marine officers.

So how lucky was I when a good friend (militair) got a bookdeal, and asked me to shoot his promo photos… I have read parts of the book, and I can’t wait to read the rest! War, love, fear, friendship and fighting for your live make for a great read. Especially coming for someone who knows all this first hand. When its out I will let you know!



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