A broken heart and social media

3 Aug

broken heartI love social media, I really do! But days like this.. I wonder how social it really is.. Or if people are taking it to far, or did it actually replace some real interaction?

You read all the worries in the news about social media making us anti social, while in my personal situation I have actually made a lot of friends and got most my work trough social media, and because of social media. Its true that some people dont go out anymore and socialize, but on the other hand, you now can post a tweet you feel to go out, and you have a bunch a people you never met, but with same interests in a bar having drinks together. People with low social skills and afraid to go out, now have lots of people talking to them, getting them out of their isolation, which I think is actually a good thing. I hear stories on how dangerous it is to tell strangers your life story online, not to smart I admit, but neither is doing the same thing in a bar drunk where the person can follow you home, its all how you use and deal with it.

Now I have seen quite a few people falling in love with people they havent met, and I am not just talking facebook or twitter, all the dating sites are forms of social media too. You can fill in whole lists what you like and don’t. Ofcourse you can lie say the people against it, but again I compare with meeting in a bar, you don’t always tell the truth there either.

So with relations happening trough social media, how do they end? This is where I get old fashioned, I strongly believe that no matter how you met, no matter where the other person is based, you should always have the respect to at least break up face to face, even skype is an option if you live far away. You had a relation, and sometimes it wasn’t much more then trough social media, you are still dealing with real people, real feelings and real hearts that can be brutally broken.

When I posted a message on facebook on being dumped by ping and whatsapp, my wall turned into a playground, lots of angry people, well wishes, date requests(!), touching emails, and people with even worse stories.. dumped on facebook while pregnant for example! All agree on 1 thing, starting a relation by social media is wonderful, breaking up by social media is just not on. It shows a lack of respect towards the other person, BUT shows the dumped one that this is a relation you never should have been in to in the first place. Its easy to make everything better then it really is, because the ❤ are so easy to write, the feedback you get when you write the <3, everyone loves those! But when the ❤ turn in to </3 you realize that even though there is a platform for you to vent all your emotions good and bad.. it doesnt mean you should.. As it will be there for the world to read…

The good thing is, remember the old days where you burned/ripped the letters and his shirt? Now all you have to do is go back to the first message and start deleting from there.. you can pretend it never even happened. You just have to mend your dignity and your broken heart.
And that my dear peeps, will not happen by social media.. it happens by being with friends and family, going out and make sure you come out better, stronger and ready for the next chapter! Life is there to enjoy it, and its not so wrong wanting to share that!

❤ 😉


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