The Alphabet Club

24 Jul

Via Twitter I received an invitation to come to the ABC night at the Jimmy Woo Friday the 22nd of July. It was the 5 year birthday party, and a great chance to meet some of the awesome people I have been tweeting with for a while now

























We were welcomed with a lovely glass of pro seco in the Jimmy Woo. I hadnt seen it yet after the redecoration, and it has such a old classic feel to it now. Somehow reminding me of a stripclub from like the fifties in the US. I think its a great iniative, this way you meet up with lots of people with similar interests, and you get to do something good a fun way, supporting charity. Very different then sitting at home filling in the cards to send some money. I am looking forward to the next event! Thanks Betinna!! xoxo

What is The AlphaBet Club?
The AlphaBet Club is a social group of like-minded international people that live in Amsterdam & Madrid and meet every few weeks, in different locations around town. It provides an environment in which it is very easy for people to meet others in their city that have similar life/travel experiences. It is also a charity focused organization where funds are raised to help children in developing countries and volunteer work done for people in need in our local community.
What makes The AlphaBet Club unique?
The AlphaBet Club was founded on the principal “It’s not important where you go, what matters is who you’re with.” At our events we aim to have a good mix of foreigners (living in Amsterdam & Madrid) and Dutch/Spanish, come together in an new environment that is very easy to meet others in. Many that have recently moved to Amsterdam/Madrid claim that The AlphaBet Club gatherings have introduced them to many people who have helped them get adjusted to living in their new city. Although the focus of our events is on fun, the AlphaBet Club is a legal charity (Stichting) that raises funds to improve children’s lives through education as well as working with local charities to help them achieve their objectives.

The AlphaBet Club has 300+ people attend each monthly weeknight event. Over the years the ABC has become the Largest International Social Group in Amsterdam, with over 3500 people receiving an invitation to each gathering. Madrid was launched in September of 2009 and averages 350 attendees per event.
How does The AlphaBet Club work?
We meet up at a different bar/locale for drinks every X amount of time. The first bar that was chosen began with the letter “A”, the next with the letter “B”, and we will continue on through the alphabet. The objective is to pick unique/different bars that most people typically don’t go to in different parts of Amsterdam/Madrid.
What is the history of The AlphaBet Club?
The AlphaBet Club started in Amsterdam in 2006 and we have thrown over 35 gatherings since it began. The AlphaBet Club was originally founded in San Francisco in 2001 – where we had 26 gatherings in less than a year. ABC was founded in Madrid in September of 2009, and events are organized by a large group of active Ambassadors.

The photos of the event were made with my Pink Nokia N8


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