Hunkemöller for #AIFW

16 Jul

Expectations were high.. energy was low after a long day and looong waiting… but then they started… Boom!!

What a show!!! Models dancing and flirting with the crowd, giving the photographers that special look and pose that made us all go YES!! Super sexy underwear that even got the press trying to whistle and take photos at the same time;)
The lingerie collection was sexy with lots of lace, and color. Classic was definitely the key word here.
Their swimwear collection was very glamorous, bigger bikinis, shiny and what i loved the most were there swimsuits. Nice cuts, and the loose fit of the grey one will fors ure enter my private wardrobe!
It was so great to see some fuller models, and where did this Naomi Cambell lookalike got her legs? She made all the other models look like little dwarfs, which they absolutely weren’t . Something slippery on the catwalk so unfortunately 1 model fell over and 2 others nearly did The band between the 2 shows was such a cool surprise! They got the spirits up, and great dancing from the leader I have to say.
When I was 21 I did an advertising campaign as a model for Hunkemoller, and with my then C cup, they already thought it might be to sexy. WOW have they changed since then!! This show was SMOKING!!!!

For many more photos please go to MyFashionLifestyle!!!


One Response to “Hunkemöller for #AIFW”

  1. madrassi July 22, 2011 at 12:25 pm #

    Wow! That’s look like a pretty show. The models where just enchanting and i too liked the swimwears esp. the quite back one was superb. All the best to u all.

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